As expressed in our Policy to Prohibit Violence and Intimidation, we have a solid commitment for the respect and protection of human rights within our working environment. As part of this commitment, during February, REPSA hired an international consultant to conduct a security program assessment which included a comprehensive analysis of our policy and procedures regarding rules of engagement and operations of security forces;  an overview of current security forces including, as relevant, due diligence in the hiring of security guards contracted by REPSA; an analysis of the compliance of our security forces and operations with both national and international best practice such as the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR); and key recommendations for the development of additional policies, procedures and capacity building initiatives for REPSA personnel to ensure continuing or future successful operations. 

Among the key recommendations of the assessment, REPSA is considering the following for implementation:

         The development and implementation of a Security and Human Rights Policy

         Alignment with the World Bank Group Performance Standard 4 (PS4) and the Voluntary Principles for Security and Human Rights (VPSHR)

         An engagement program with Public Security to address those expectations of the VPSHR that are relevant

         Conduct a Risk Assessment Workshop to train REPSA managers in the risk assessment process. 

         A training and education program for REPSA personnel, that addresses those expectations listed in the VPSHR and the risks identified in the workshop

         Development and implementation of the REPSA security strategy and its respective Security Management Plan

         Enhance the guard training program.  

This assessment is a clear demonstration of our commitment to the continuous improvement of our working environment through the implementation of key security and human rights related recommendations that are accepted as industry best practices. In future reporting, and once we decide on the implementation of these, REPSA will be providing specific updates.