Sustainability Action Plan 2017-2018

Sustainability Action Plan 2017-2018 

As part of its commitment to corporate sustainability, REPSA presents its new Sustainability Action Plan 2017-2018. Similarly to the 2016-2017 plan, this new plan aims at strengthening systems and capacities for the effective implementation of our Responsible Palm Oil Production Policy, made official in October 2016.

We share a synthesis of our new action plan that covers from July 2017 to December 2018, and which seeks to achieve the 6 thematic results listed below through the execution of specific actions designed to generate economic, social, and environmental value.

  1. Institutional policies and corporate values are socialized and clearly understood by stakeholders.
  2. Human rights are respected and protected.
  3. The company is transparent with stakeholders about its policies, plans, grievances, and operations.
  4. Key Conservation Values are protected and restored.
  5. Environmental impacts are managed effectively.
  6. Social impacts are managed effectively and contributions are made to local development.

The 2017-2018 plan provides continuity to the actions that are part of the processes for continuous improvement in the company’s operations. It also incorporates new activities that emerged when evaluating and integrating the lessons learned from the execution of the 2016-2017 plan.

It is important to highlight that this plan has had a participatory construction process, since the first proposal of the plan was presented to local Sayaxché actors -Community Development Councils, representatives of public institutions, religious leaders, teachers, Municipality, promoters and local journalists- with the intention of receiving their recommendations and observations, which served as inputs to strengthen the plan. Currently, REPSA continues to socialize the proposal of the plan with non-governmental organizations and stakeholders to receive feedback that will contribute to its improvement.

If you want to leave your opinion or recommendations for the improvement of our plan, send an email to Do not forget to include your full name and the organization you represent.

Note: The plan will be made official during the month of October. Its compliance and the progress in the implementation of actions will be reported every four months. The first progress report will be published in this section of our web site in the month of November 2017.

You can download the draft of the Sustainability Action Plan (July 2017 – December 2018) at the link below:

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