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Grupo HAME is a development engine


Grupo HAME is a business group dedicated to the cultivation and export of palm oil, bananas, plantains, and avocados. We also trade oils, fats, and food products, and we have real estate development projects. 

The HAME Family includes men and women from different cultures, ages, and professions who contribute value through their diversity. That's why we take pride in recognizing that achieving our goals depends on the teamwork of everyone who is part of this great family.




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Our purpose is to sow with passion to cultivate prosperity and make an impact on future generations.

Our vision is to be a business group with world-class management standards that is geographically diversified, setting a benchmark for operational efficiency and sustainability.


A walk through time that has left its mark


Our history begins in Ocós, San Marcos, thanks to the vision of Hugo Alberto Molina Espinoza - HAME -, giving rise to 70 years of an extraordinary journey: seven decades in which we have grown, pioneered, and innovated, tirelessly working to achieve excellence in everything we do and eventually becoming one of the most recognized business groups nationally and internationally.

We are proud of the journey we have undertaken and proud to know that we have achieved it by generating shared value for all our employees and their families, the nearby communities, our country, and our clients in various parts of the world, allowing Grupo HAME to grow and thrive year after year.



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• 1952

Cotton operations start

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• 1973

First oil extractor, Escuintla, Guatemala

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• 1974

Oil and vegetable refinery starts in Guatemala

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• 1980

Major cotton producer worldwide

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• 1987

Cotton production is replaced by palm oil

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• 1992

Crop operation starts in Guatemala’s South-West

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• 2002

Banana crop starts in Costa Rica

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• 2012

Palm oil crop starts in Mexico

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• 2020

Plantain and avocado crop starts. The Real Estate Unit is created

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• 2023

AGROKASA and PACPRO acquisitions in Perú and USA