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Banana is one of the most important food crops in the world, both economically and nutritionally. They are typically grown in tropical and subtropical regions and can be an important staple of local diets in these countries.

Our banana production began in 1992 and that of plantain in 2020. Each of our plantations has the ideal location not only to grow and produce but to supply the main world markets, thanks to this and the team that works in this unit. , we are the largest independent banana producer in the world.








The quality of our fruit and our strict compliance with environmental and social standards has allowed us to successfully penetrate important markets, becoming a leading producer worldwide. Our operations focus on responsible and sustainable management, which has led us to have international certifications that support our actions.


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Strategic location

Our plantations have the ideal and strategic location in the Atlantic Ocean that allows us to supply the main world markets.





Cold Rooms for Fresh Storage

Cuartos Fríos del Atlántico S.A. (CUFRISA) is a complex of warehouses for storing fresh goods. It is located in Puerto Barrios, Santo Tomás de Castilla (Atlantic Sea):

  • Refrigerated warehouse with capacity for 7000 pallets = 350 containers
  • 5 independent cooling chambers
  • 8 pre-cooling tunnels
  • Pressurized tunnels with capacity for 384 pallets






Grupo Molina

They have more than 25 years of experience in sustainable production that allows them to produce bananas of consistent quality 52 weeks a year.

The care of the crop, respect for the environment and their socio-environmental projects have become a benchmark in quality and sustainability around the world.

The indisputable quality of their production is accompanied by a commitment to customer service that has positioned them as a leading banana producer in the industry.

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Fresco Holding

Is a strong company committed to the commercialization of fresh products of high quality delivered at the right time.  They have  strategic alliances with producers and buyers by offering solutions in every link of the supplying chain. 

It is exclusive distributor.



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We have operations in Tiquisate and Gomera in the Department of Escuintla, we began operations in 1996 and 2001 respectively. This area has 21 balers with high-performance technology and design that meets international health and safety standards.

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We started banana production in 1993 and plantain in 2020. We have 19 high-performance technology packing plants. We comply with the standards established by the FDA
-Food and Drug Administration - of the United States, to ensure that foods are safe for human consumption