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Human Rights

In the search towards a business world where the person prevails, human rights are an essential pillar for us. We respect the rights of our collaborators and all members of the communities neighboring our operations, without exception. Our guide is the principles established in the International Bill of Human Rights and the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO), especially those related to child and forced labor.

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Human rights of collaborators



We promote equal opportunities, regardless of age, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability or any other aspect. We are proud to foster an environment where each employee feels valued and respected. By promoting equality, we not only create a stronger work environment but also promote a place of opportunity for all.


Child Labor

Committed to human rights, we prohibit exploitation and child labor. We do not hire minors to guarantee that they are not exposed to risks that may affect their physical integrity or personal development, in accordance with the principles established in the American Convention on the Human Rights of Children, the ILO, the Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala and the Labor Code.


Forced labor

We promote an environment of respect for the rights of our collaborators, which is why we do not tolerate or promote labor exploitation, labor trafficking and forced or compulsory labor.

In our recruitment process, Whether direct or through recruiters, it is prohibited to make any charge at any stage of the process, this in order to ensure that access to employment is fair and accessible to all.

We prohibit the illegal retention of identification documents or any personal items of collaborators. Regarding work schedules, we comply with current legislation, international treaties ratified by Guatemala and voluntary certification standards. We ensure that ordinary and extraordinary work schedules are fair and in line with established standards to guarantee the quality of life of our collaborators.


Labor conditions

We guarantee a work environment in which each employee feels valued and respected, through dignified and fair treatment. We act with transparency, justice and equality and do not tolerate any type of discrimination.

We provide salaries, benefits and other conditions of employment to our temporary and permanent collaborators, in accordance with current legislation, voluntary standards of certification and our internal policies. Likewise, we provide all our collaborators with complete information about their contract conditions and a copy of their employment contract.


Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

The safety and well-being of our collaborators is a priority, therefore, we are committed to adopting the best practices in Occupational Health and Safety in accordance with local regulations and international standards to identify, evaluate and mitigate risks in our operations by implementing actions to promote a safe and healthy work environment for all levels of the organization.

To achieve this, we provide our collaborators with the necessary tools and equipment to perform their functions safely and in compliance with occupational hygiene standards. Additionally, we provide ongoing training and supervision to ensure proper application of safe work protocols.


Gender equality

We recognize that gender equality is not only a legal requirement, but is a fundamental part of an inclusive business culture, which is why we promote gender equality by guaranteeing respect for women's rights in accordance with current legislation.

For Grupo HAME it is a priority to offer opportunities to all collaborators without any distinction, that is why we have a gender commitment that contributes to closing the existing gaps. Currently, 15% of women belong to the Board of Directors, and 0.06% of women have high-level positions, making strategic decision for the Group´s development.


Bullying Prevention

We believe in the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful work environment for everyone, which is why we prohibit sexual or workplace harassment, abuse of power, threats or intimidation. We prohibit physical, verbal or psychological violence against collaborators and residents of the communities in its area of ​​influence.


Freedom of Association

We recognize and respect the rights to freedom of association and negotiation for mutual benefit, and promote channels of respectful and permanent dialogue.


Derechos Humanos

Derechos Humanos