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OHCHR Visit to Grupo HAME highlights our good practices in Human Rights


We received a visit to our operations in Atlántida, Álamo and Tacuba from the Delegation of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations (OHCHR), to inform them of our initiatives and sustainable practices, focused on Human Rights. During the visit, the operations team, together with the Sustainability and Human Resources team, addressed various topics such as our sustainability and human rights strategy, the conditions of workers in the field, the Complaints and Consultation Mechanism, the Gender, water governance and community relations, with a special focus on community development programs. 

Mika Kanervavuori, High Commissioner of OHCHR, expressed the importance of publicizing good business practices and highlighted that few companies like Grupo HAME maintain an open-door policy for international organizations. He highlighted that the visit made it possible to see first-hand the compliance, transparency and good practices implemented by the company. The visit concluded with a positive message about the good work that Grupo HAME has done on the topic of sustainability and human rights.